Sylvia Plath Mini Blogathon – Links

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(Image taken from Andrew Wilson’s biography Mad Girl’s Love Song)

There Are Almost No Obituaries for Sylvia Plath (
A Great Many Plathitudes: The Doom Myth Of Sylvia Plath (
Andrew Wilson On Plath Behind The Glass (
The Marilyn Monroe in Sylvia Plath: A Q & A with Plath’s Latest Biographer (
Sylvia Plath: Jillian Becker on the poet’s last days (
What You Don’t Know About Sylvia Plath (PHOTOS) (
Lady Lazarus: New Biographies of Sylvia Plath (
“Daddy” Is Mommy (
The Bell Jar book cover discussion… (
On The 50th Anniversary Of Sylvia Plath’s Death, A Look At Her Beginning (
Sylvia Plath: reflections on her legacy (


For a much more comprehensive list of articles related to the 50th anniversary visit Peter K Steinberg’s excellent Sylvia Plath Info Blog.

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