The Exploration Issue

SCHLOCK’s EXPLORATION issue is out and it features two illustrations from yours truly. There’s one for K C Wilder’s #260: Dark Entomology and another for Bettina Borġ Cardona’s Oneiros and I. Pic on the left is from the former, the excerpt below from the latter.

He’d spent the last few days wide-eyed and alone, wandering down endless twisting corridors, climbing staircases that led absolutely nowhere, leaving rooms that he could never again find. The woman was still screaming, clutching at her withered breasts with long, brown talons that tore into the sagging skin, but he found that he merely looked on, unmoved, too exhausted to summon even the least bit of terror.

PS: Earlier on there was also June’s SCHLINKS, a prelude to things that were to come.

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